We Are HD Production Inc

HD Productions is a multi-media company, which uniquely blends creativity and modern technology to best serve our clients. Our Team of Award Winning Journalists create a story that represents your business. We produce the video and then distribute it through our network of TV Channels and Social Media across the world.


Working with HD Production Inc makes your video production needs a success. Whether you have a single video project or need a long-term video production partner, HD Production Inc can deliver.

City Shows

We produce television shows for local Cities as well as State of the City and Social Media

Corporate Video

Corporate overview, business development, and sales videos that grow your business with strategic video and storytelling.

Facility Tour

Complete facility tour videos filmed at your facility on location with top-notch equipment and staff.

Brand & Lifestyle

We specialize in lifestyle videos with immersive storytelling. If your brand needs a powerful story, we can help.

Event & Location

Our filming crews are mobile – we film on location at events, trade shows & more.

Social Media

Our popular Digital Promotion is a viral campaign that brands your business on various online distribution networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

We Love Our Clients

Our clients and guests have seen a 30% increase in business after appearing on our TV shows.





Producing Weekly TV Shows


Shows Produced


Distributed Nationally


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